Success is a function not of greatness, but a consequence of immaculate preparation. It is a certainty no industry, discipline or pursuit has been spared from, rendering it an indispensable perennial truth. Whether making history in just 9.58 seconds, or relishing the last sip of a ceremonial-sunrise-coffee, the quality of outcomes and experiences are predetermined by what occurs before. In the gold-rush of a flourishing herb industry, all efforts have focused on perfecting the product, but not the process. Consequentially, the grand potential for nuanced and enhanced experiences that have come from meticulous bioengineering and cross-breeding of strains, have been curbed by the undifferentiated and stagnated evolution of its preparation.

CAPU has therefore dedicated its undivided attention to replacing the outdated one-size-fits-all grinder with an innovative and distinguishably crafted multi-dynamic rebuild, which caters to those seeking to unlock a tailor made, unbound experience.

We strongly believe in listening to the feedback and insight of our customers to advance and enhance our product offerings. We would love to hear about your experience and feedback. Please feel free to get in touch: contact@capu.de