CAPU is a product innovation company with a focus on redefining everyday objects, through thoughtful engineering and functional design.

The latest innovation features a premium herb grinder, crafted to elevate the experience of its users. Endless hours were invested into the research and development of the ‘Blacked-out’ grinder, and with its release, CAPU celebrates the significant milestone of a first market-ready product.

Through extensive research and iteration, CAPU seeks to provide a unique experience, both in aesthetic styling and durability. By effortlessly incorporating ergonomics, the grinder ensures an exceptional use every time.

The unique technology and black-on-black design sets a precedent in its industry for others to follow.

CAPU believes in empowering its customers and utilising their insight to advance and enhance innovation. The CAPU Team would love to hear about your experience. Please feel free to reach out at contact@capu.de.