Blacked Out Edition
Blacked Out Edition
Blacked Out Edition
Blacked Out Edition
Blacked Out Edition
Blacked Out Edition
Blacked Out Edition

Blacked Out Edition€155

Blacked Out

Designed for connoisseurs that like to indulge with discretion and sophistication. The Blacked Out Edition grinder is engineered with a multitude of innovative features that enable an uncompromising herb smoking experience. The complementary vegan leather storage case will protect your grinder, enhance your organization and augment discretion.

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Blacked Out Edition

Unmatched Versatility

Choose your optimal herb consistency for every occasion.

CAPU grinders come with two sets of diamond cut blades. Both guarantee a smooth and dependable daily use. The 56 blade set is optimised for cutting small fine flakes and the 24 blade set is ideal for cutting large chunks.

The  modular design ensures easy cleaning and upgradability over time with different inserts, designs and colour variations.

Blacked Out Edition

Magnetic Magic

Just pull to open and plug to close.
Separating and connecting different components can become a tedious burden if constant screwing and unscrewing is required. The CAPU grinder is optimised for maximum convenience and faster, easier access. That is why it uses strong, high quality neodymium magnets to lock all parts firmly into place for a thread-free magnetic assembly. 

Blacked Out Edition

Make It Mobile

Take your grinded herbs with you anywhere.
The third compartment, which stores up to 3g of your favourite herbs, can be transformed into a mobile storage container. Simply take the lid and place it on the third compartment. The strong neodymium magnets will create a sealed enclosure.

Blacked Out Edition

Advanced Haptic

Featuring a patented 12 sided polygon design for improved grip and better user experience. The 12 sided polygon design does not only offer a visually pleasing timeless design, but also proves to be especially useful for medical consumers with impaired mobility.

Blacked Out Edition


  • Dual precision blades
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Modular assembly
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Height: 57 mm / 2.2”
  • Diameter: Ø66 mm / 2.6”
  • Load capacity: 1.6g of material
  • Capacity: 3.2g
  • Anodyzed, aircraft grade recyclable aluminium 
  • Rare-earth neodinium magnets
Blacked Out Edition

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Grinder
  • 1 x Vegan leather storage case
  • 1 x Small blade set
  • 1 x Large blade set
  • 1 x Cleaning set (Brush, Tweezer) 

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